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Marketing Platform

Build websites, automate tasks & manage customer interactions

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Track past and present conversations via email & SMS, incentivize referrals, grow your reviews, and track the performance of affiliates.

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Invoice Management

Armbar easily integrates with Stripe, PayPal, NMI & Authorize to help you process payments & send invoices automatically.

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Marketing Automations

Run simplified Facebook Ads with proven templates that generate results faster as well as plug-and-play automation that send emails, texts, and even invoices for you.

Why 50+ Businesses Use

Generate More Leads

Generate new leads with guided social media ads setup, website chat bot and enhanced local listings.

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Automate Text & Emails

Armbar sends personalized texts & emails to customers that have shown interest, helping you close deals when you aren't available to immediately respond.

Get More Reviews & Referrals

Your customers receive reminders to leave your business reviews and encourage them to refer you more customers.

"We've been able to easily advertise the restaurant and grow our reviews."

Matthew Kim, Seoul Garden

Image by Luke Porter


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Build websites, automate tasks & manage customer interactions

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